Roots, Fruits and Shoots
Contact: Dana Hilfinger
Address: 5580 Johnstown-Alexandria Rd Johnstown, OH, 43031
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About Us
Roots, Fruits and Shoots is a small fruit and vegetable farm located 25 minutes from downtown Columbus in Johnstown, Ohio. I grow raspberries and vegetables in the field and in hoop houses, primarily during the fall, winter and spring. Produce is all raised carefully, without conventional fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. Instead, I use cover crops and compost, along with a robust crop rotation, to produce delicious fruits and vegetables. Learn more, including info on the 2021 you-pick, at the farm's website:

I rely on observation, planning and using knowledge of the soil and farm ecosystem to produce high-quality fruits and vegetables. We do not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides on the farm. Instead, we use compost, cover cropping and crop rotation throughout the year to ensure we are not just growing good food, but also supporting a healthy farm ecosystem.