13-E-I-E-AYO Urban Farm
Contact: K. Ayo Boykin
Address: 260 South State Street PO Box 781 Westerville , OH, 43086
Email Address:
Phone: 614-859-2296
About Us
Bold Ms. Ayo (I-yo) had a FARM...

E-I-E-Ayo Urban Farm LLC

The motto for E-I-E-Ayo Urban Farm is

GROW microgreens/herbs/vegetables using high quality, non-gmo seeds.

HARVEST microgreens/herbs/vegetables using clean, hygienic farming practices.

NOURISH the community with fresh microgreens/herbs/vegetables that feed their bellies and give them information about healthy living that feeds their souls.

REPEAT the process, with a SMILE!

All microgreens/herbs/vegetables seeds are purchased from True Leaf Market. This reputable company only offers NON GMO seeds.

All microgreens/herbs/vegetables are grown in the sustainable mediums of organic coconut coir (soil made from the coconut shell) and/or jute. They are grown in a temperature controlled indoor environment.

All microgreens/herbs/vegetables are processed & handled by no more than 3 staff members. The microgreens/herbs/vegetables are grown & harvested less than 15 miles from Clintonville Farmer's market.