20-Vinaka Urban Farm
Contact: Dave Whitsett
Address: 1301 Huntly Drive Columbus, OH, 43227
Email Address:
Phone: 614-302-8583
About Us
We're a tiny (1/6 acre) multi-locational urban farm composed entirely of former lawns converted to urban gardens. We specialize in greens, especially a variety of high-quality salad mixes, which we offer year-round. This year, we're also experimenting with a variety of east Asian greens, such as komatsuna, tatsoi, shiso, and Korean kkaennip (or perilla). The farm's name, "Vinaka," means "Thank you" in Fijian, where the owner learned to farm.
We use ZERO chemical pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or other -icides. We use very little fertilizer in general, aiming instead to promote soil fertility by building up the soil micro-biology through heavy inputs of organic matter - mainly compost. What little fertilizer we do put in the ground is organic. After tilling one time to jump-start the transition from lawn to garden, we don't till any more, instead using only hand tools and small-scale electric implements. This means our fossil fuel consumption is virtually zero outside of transportation (which is minimal since all our locations and markets lie within Columbus city limits).

Have a yard you'd rather see gardened than have to mow? Just reach out and we'll take a look!