63-Haven Herbs
Address: 6297 Rosedale-Milford Center Rd London, OH, 43140
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Phone: 614-695-6644
About Us
We are a worker owned, artisanal batch, herbal folk medicine apothecary company in Central Ohio.

We make remedies, tonics, and body care and sell retail online, at events and pop-ups, and we sell wholesale to myriad locations throughout the area.
We are worker owned, and unlike many fly-by-night operations making "natural" products, a trained herbalist creates and/or approves all our formulas.

We use locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, supporting the local economy through relationships with local farms and homesteads. Our herbalist lives on a farm and grows many of the botanicals herself.

We also source all ingredients according to a sustainability and environmental ethos: preferring minimally processed or raw ingredients, fair trade ingredients, and the like. We are members of Fair Trade Columbus and United Plant Savers!

We create in small batches with minimal ingredients and no added shelf stabilizers and artificial preservatives. (Body care and remedies should be seen like food- buy smaller packages and use up what you have to keep it fresh. It should not sit in a medicine cabinet gathering dust for years.)

We use reusable, recyclable, and compostable packaging intentionally. It's heavier in shipping, but better for you and the planet. No Plastic- as that toxifies your natural product and harms the planet. We infuse intention, compassion, and right livelihood in everything we make and do!