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About Us
Guac Shop sells 5 flavors of gourmet guacamole in 9oz tubs and Tortilla Chips. The guacamole flavors are:

ORIGINAL - A classic guacamole, vegan, full of flavor, made with fresh herbs and produce.
SPICY - Flavorful like our Original guacamole, also vegan, but with a kick of serano and habanero peppers.
OPAMOLE - Opa! Greek-style guacamole with goat & feta cheeses. Fantastic on burgers and eggs!
SPICY LOCOMOLE - Crazy good, spicy jalapeño-cream guacamole is bursting with flavor and heat! Great on tacos or as a dipping sauce for steak, seafood or chicken.
MILD LOCOMOLE - This creamy, very mild version of our jalapeño-cream guacamole has seeded jalapeños, so the flavor of the pepper comes through without the heat.