01-Bluebird Meadows Farm
Address: 29265 West Rd. Sullivan, OH, 44880
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Phone: 440-610-5993
About Us
Bluebird Meadows Farm, is a small family farm nestled in the rolling hills of Southern Lorain County. It is here Julie and Chris, along with their 4 children work to provide their customers with the highest quality of pasture raised pork and chicken and 100% grass fed beef and pork. Loved for their over 40 types of sausages and brats, Bluebird Meadows also produces fine cuts and amazing steaks.
Although not certified organic, our farm has never used chemicals on the property for the 19 years it has been ours. We strive for minimal carbon footprint by using sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices. All of our animals are humanely and naturally raised with daily acces to as much pasture as they desire, clean water and fresh air. Our pigs and chickens also have access to a nonGMO feed.